Release notes

This page compiles the release notes of the technical implementations impacting all components of Share Family LOD Platform technology framework: Cluster Management Module, API, Moonlight (front-end module), RDBMS (database), RDFizer (BIBFRAME / RDF conversion module). It refers to both bug fixes and new developments.

The various software versions released over time are consistent across the technology layers of all the Share Family initiatives.

For an overview of the software versions installed on different environments, see Share Family AWS environments summary.

Starting with software release number 2.7.1, reports of the technical implementations will be published on this page in separate release notes documents for each software version.

Newest release (3.0.0)

This major release encompasses the following components of the Share Family LOD Platform technology framework:

  • Cluster Management Module (which manages the clusters of entities that feed the CKB - Cluster Knowledge Base),
  • API layer,
  • Front-end module,
  • RDBMS (database),
  • RDFizer (BIBFRAME/RDF conversion module).

As a significant update, it introduces several important features and new components to the system, including Delta processes, UNIMARC services, and the JCricket entity editor, the platform’s shared cataloguing tool. This release addresses both bug fixes and new developments and enhancements.

Other release notes