Main technological components

This section explores the critical components forming the bedrock of the LOD Platform, the technology underpinning the Share Family system. In this section you can find details on the essential elements driving our ecosystem's functionality and innovation.

At its core, the LOD Platform relies on a sophisticated framework designed to facilitate seamless data management, collaboration, and knowledge dissemination. Within this framework, key components such as the Share-VDE entity model, JCricket entity editor, and the dynamics of data flow within the Share-VDE and Share Family systems are examined.

The Share-VDE entity model serves as the foundation for data representation and interaction, while JCricket streamlines editing operations and enhances the quality of machine created data across various domains. Understanding these components is crucial for optimizing performance and maintaining data integrity within the Share Family ecosystem.

Furthermore, you can find more information on the role of the Cluster Knowledge Base and Provenance and on how they contribute to knowledge aggregation, organization, and traceability.

Lastly, insights into the technological stack supporting the Share Family offer a comprehensive overview of the tools, frameworks, and technologies employed to construct and maintain this robust infrastructure.