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Share-VDE working groups

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The activities of Share-VDE are organised into several work strands. Being a community initiative, the goals and desired outcomes are defined by the participating institutions through active engagement in different working groups that meet on a regular basis. Every Share-VDE member is welcome to take part to the active working groups.

SVDE Advisory Council (AC)

The Share-VDE AC will take an active role in determining future uses and vision for the Share-VDE initiative; Develop future use cases for Share-VDE, and set development priorities as needed; Monitor and lead the work of the various Advisory Council Working Groups; Maintain communication among the Share member institutions.

Current AC members

Duke University

Jacquie Samples, Past chair

Dennis Christman

Library of Congress

Kevin Ford

Nate Trail

National Library of Finland

Osma Suominen

National Library of Norway

Oddrun Ohren

New York University

Nina Servizzi

Stanford University

Philip Schreur

Vitus Tang

The British Library

Andrew MacEwan

University of Alberta Library

Abigail Sparling

Danoosh Davoodi

Sharon Farnel

University of Chicago

Christie Thomas

University of Pennsylvania

Beth Picknally Camden, Chair

Yale University


Working Group Leads

Erik Radio, University of Colorado-Boulder, AIMS Lead

Ian Bigelow, University of Alberta Library, SEI WG Lead

Martin Knott, University of Michigan Libraries, CKBE WG Lead

Filip Jakobsen, Samhæng, UI/UX WG Lead


Michele Casalini, Casalini Libri

Anna Lionetti, Casalini Libri

Ivo Contursi, @Cult

Tiziana Possemato, @Cult-Casalini Libri

The dedicated members area is SVDE Advisory Council.

SVDE-AC Authority/Identifier Management Services working group (AIMS)

The Authority/Identifier Management Services WG defines guidelines and best practices for Authority/Identifier management in the linked data environment; defines scope and data-flow for creation and implementation of services connected with the SVDE system based on preliminary documentation.

Current AIMS members

Duke University

Rich Murray

National Library of Finland

Matias Frosterus

New York University

Charlene Chou

Everett Allgood

Stanford University

Vitus Tang

The British Library

Andrew MacEwan

Emma Rogoz

University of Alberta Library

Adam Cohen

Amanda Nagyl

University of Colorado-Boulder

Chris Long

Erik Radio, Chair

University of Michigan Libraries

Matt Carruthers

University of Pennsylvania

Jim Hahn

Yale University Libraries

Eva Bolkovac

Timothy Thompson

Youn Noh

Casalini Libri/@Cult

Michele Casalini, Casalini Libri

Anna Lionetti, Casalini Libri

Tiziana Possemato, @Cult-Casalini Libri Alessandra Moi, @Cult

The dedicated members area is SVDE AIMS Working Group.

SVDE-AC Cluster Knowledge Base Editor working group (CKB editor)

An essential part of the MARC to RDF conversion process is the maintenance of metadata that have been produced and registered on the Cluster Knowledge Base (CKB); the group analyses how libraries interact with the CKB and their use of the Editor for modifying (correcting / enriching), deleting, merging and separating clusters; the same approach will be applied on the data originally created in BIBFRAME.

See the dedicated area CKB editor Working Group.

SVDE-AC Sapientia Entity Identification working group (WID)

The Work Identification WG reviews the Share-VDE clustering process and submits feedback on potential improvements or optimizations; reviews the use of primary resource identifiers in Share-VDE dataset and provides feedback as appropriate; engages with the PCC to identify and/or develop best practices for use of these identifiers in BIBFRAME and MARC data.

See the dedicated area SVDE Sapientia Entity Identification Working Group.

SVDE-AC User Experience/User Interface working group (UX-UI)

The User Experience/User Interface WG re-designs Share-VDE user interface to respond to both patrons and library staff requirements and expectations, to reflect the components of the Share-VDE data model infrastructure, and to provide an intuitive user experience.

See the dedicated area SVDE UX-UI Working Group.

How to become a member of a working group

Share-VDE libraries are welcome to join one or more working groups based on their interest in a specific work strand and on the active contribution they can bring to the discussion. To become a member of a working group, contact the chair or Share-VDE team at