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The LOD Platform technology

This section serves as a gateway to a comprehensive breakdown of key technological components that form the backbone of the LOD Platform, the technology that powers the Share Family system. This section provides an overview of crucial components and concepts integral to understanding the inner workings of our platform, including JCricket Entity Editor and Shared Cataloguing Tool.

User guides

Here you'll find user guides describing the LOD Platform and JCricket entity editor.

Release notes

This page gathers the release notes of the technical implementations.

Share Family API: Technical documentation

This is a collection of Share Family APIs.

This technical documentation is valid for all tenants of the Share Family. However, in the documentation pages you will find examples showing only the namespace "". If your institution belongs to a tenant that is not, you have to run queries using the specific namespace of your tenant (e.g., or Please remember to replace the namespace "" that appears in the examples with the namespace of your tenant (both for entity URIs and for attributes/properties URIs).